Friday, April 1, 2016

Ki & Ka:The Ultimate Role Reversal

Ki & Ka
Review - 3.5/5

The new Bollywood movie Ki & Ka  is a unique love story where a woman (Kareena Kapoor) focuses on her career, while her husband (Arjun Kapoor) looks to build a home has touted to be a movie that breaks gender stereotypes.

Balki's Ka & Ki is based on a popular Hollywood comedy 'The Intern' where  Anne Hathaway heads her own eCommerce fashion company, while her husband Anders Holm is a stay-at-home father. 

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Amitabh & Jaya in a special appearance in the movie

Arjun-Kareena sharing screen space for the first time and I think the film does justice to the chosen topic. The movie is surely worth the ticket & the role of the woman and the man are refreshingly reversed.

Watch Song - "High Heels Te Nache"

Prapti Bagga

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