Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bigger, Brighter & Bolder Eyes: Lakme Kajal

Kajal is one thing I just can’t do without. Kohl is one of my favorite makeup products that I wear before leaving home. There is no doubt that in saying that I am a Kajal addict and so far have tried more than 25 brands across the globe. My personal favorite is traditional Lakme pencil. It has replaced all other kohls I have in my stash. “Lakme Kajal” is my all time favorite & I simply love it.

Why Lakme Kajal?

· One Sweep can change your whole look in minutes, your eyes look bigger, brighter and more defined.
· Intense Black; perfect for all kinds of eye colors
· Very soft and glides smoothly.
· Perfect for Smudger Smoky look

 Simple steps to wear a perfect Kajal:-
- Start from the outer corner working inwards adding a little to the waterline.
- On the upper lid, draw a neat stroke, starting from the inner corner of the eye and extending outwards. Repeat on lower lid. Use the smudger at the other end to create a smokey look.

Note ** Tip: dab a little concealer under the eyes and then dip your Kajal in a black gel liner pot when applying to your water line for more intense and smudge proof. This will let your beautiful eyes pop out.

I think we all agree that nothing like having a big pair of beautiful big sparkling eyes… this is surely a MUST-HAVE for everyone!!!


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