Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Fashion is Fun" for Delhi Ka Don- RJ Naved

His impeccable sense of humor and his insane pranks has made him popular household name but he is still a faceless man for his fans. Yes, I am talking about none other than RJ Naved- Delhi Ka Don from Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, I met at his studio recently.

The guy is not only cute looking but also crazy fun to be with.  He is one of the most humble and genuine Celebs I have ever met in my life.  Naved is the winner of the Radio Mirchi RJ hunts 2004 and started out as “Dr. Love” with Radio Mirchi 98.3.

I spotted him in fader denims well paired with a cute printed tee shirt that says “Eat like the Locals”, a boy next door look.  This is what he has to say when I asked about his cute yet cool fashion statement-

Your idea about fashion-
“I am not too fashion savvy, rather anything you are comfortable in becomes fashion. It’s not about following fashion blindly but more about you looking and feeling good.”

What are you most comfortable in?
“I simply love wearing blue denims with cool graphic tee shirts. I like tee shirts that have some funky, quirky messages. It just defines you.”

You never leave your home without?
“My confidence and my smile :)”

Your ideal date night outfit will be?
(With a sweet smile) “A crisp white shirt well paired with fitted blue denim and a tailored waist jacket would be an ideal outfit. I think a tailored waist jacket always gives an edge to your look.”

A complete NO NO?
“Personally I am not big fan of low waist bottoms and jeans. I think you really need a nice body/butt to carry this fashion off.”

Any fashion tips to your fans?
“Wear what you like and you comfortable in. Fashion is more about mix and match that you can carry of well. Just have fun and don’t ever forget your smile as that can simply do wonders.”

Here are a few pictures of Delhi Ka Don - RJ Naved

Without him our evenings couldn't get more entertaining. Be it his “”Mirchi Murga” or his Prime time show; he really makes our long tiring drives worthwhile.

Mirchi Murga Video's -

Prapti Bagga 

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