Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beauty Essentials To Pack In Your Travel Bag

Here is my list of basic beauty essentials every girl should have in her makeup bag-

A good Foundation - You need a good foundation for a fresh radiant face. It should always be one shade darker than your skin tone. Make sure you apply generously on your face and the neck. The crux to any good makeup is to blend it well. You can use a makeup brush or a makeup pad to blend it all over the face and the neck.

Mascara- This is another most important item that will give you beautiful, dramatic lashes Go for Mascara that gives you thick, long and Volumizing lashes. Making lashes longer & fuller is the most simple and effective way to bring attention to the eyes.

Cheek Color- Blush/Bronzer - I love bright rose pink blush, but a neutral shade like plushy peach is ideal for the everyday work look. Apply sun kissed bronzer to highlight your bone structure and give you a nice natural tan glow.

Lip Gloss- A little glossy color is perfect to highlight your beautiful lips. You can go with bright wine, pink champagne, light brown to accentuate your lips everyday.

So what are you waiting for... update your makeup bag now and be fashion ready!!!

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