Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bollywood Blouses can change your look

Yes, blouses can change your look :). Different necklines, shapes, cuts, designs and neckline, can create a perfect illusion and hide your flaws. Wondering how? Read Below –

Be it halter neck, boat neck, sweetheart or choli cut blouse or deep v-necks; chic blouses are always in fashion. These  are Bollywood’s Celebs first choice with sexy nine yards. Blouse’s help you to accentuate your best feature, be it your neck, waist, back or bust-line.

Different cuts, collar and design also help to make you look slimmer, taller or fuller.  Deep neck and back blouses help to proportion your upper half with lower. Women with long faces look good in square-shaped necklines, while on round face “V” neck looks good. 

Women with long necks can carry anything and everything. Scoop neck and halter necklines look good with sarees on women with long neck.

Colors also helps to make you look smaller or taller. Deep colors like black, blue and maroon etc minimize fullness while light colors make you look fuller and wider frame.

Vertical and horizontal lines on the blouse helps you to look slimmer or fuller. Vertical lines on the blouse are for people who areshort and vice versa.

Designs like long choli cut hide your flaws and camouflage your wide waist while if you have a slimmer waist line go for choli cut blouse. Boat neck can make women look slimmer. Long and ¾ Sleeves makes you look slimmer while sleeveless and short sleeve makes your arm looks flabbier.
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Prapti Bagga Arora

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