Monday, March 4, 2013

Slip into sarees new lehenga style by Cbazaar

Feature of lehenga saree -
  • It is like a regular Saree but the style it’s like lehenga.
  • It is easy to wear. You just hae to slip into it like you wear a skirt.
  • The plain loose end of the Saree is tucked into the in skirt, making one complete round, similar to wearing a regular Saree.
  • The only difference between a Lehenga style Saree and a regular Saree is that it does not require pleats to be formed at the front.
  • Also a few of these saris come with side hooks too for a great fir and style t show off your curves.
  • They are a perfect blend of style and grace. They are form of fusion clothing.
Check out Cbazaar for a huge collection of lehenga sarees in various fabrics, colors and designs. Check out a few of the designs that are latest in Fashion by Cbazaar.

Their Bridal wear is getting popular in India and all Western countries. Their Bridal lehenga choli’s, lehenga style sarees and Designer sarees are a perfect combination of creativity, glamour and tradition blended together.

Prapti Bagga Arora

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