Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fashion is like "Mother Tongue" For Romantic RJ Rahul Makin....

Cute looking Rj Rahul Makin is very well known in the field since 2012. Rahul has carved a special place in all our hearts through his popular late night romantic show “Ishqiya”. 

Rahul seems a sensitive romantic guy. His eyes twinkled with humor and the dimple appeared as I started my questionnaire session with him. 

Here is what he has to say to his personal style and fashion….

1.  What is Fashion for Rahul Makin....
"Fashion for me is like ‘Mother Tongue’…something you are born with and most comfortable in."  

2.  What is your personal style statement...
“Anything that suits me, makes me feel and look good is my personal style statement. It’s like you should wear clothes and not the other wear around.  Anything you feel confident in is my personal style” says Rahul

3.  What are your favorite brands? Is there any high end brand you swear by?
“I am not too brand conscious & my brands are simple. For me brands are like best friends. Brands are that you know well and they act as a savior. When in confusion you can simply run to your brand and blindly pick up anything. It’s very similar to an old friend, where you have your own sweet comfort level.” Very innocently Rahul told me...

**But when I closely looked at him he was wearing a “Jack & Jones” Tee Shirt smartly paired with a Diesel denim bottoms and a cool red Armani sneakers. & then he says my brands are simple?? Huh Really???

4. What are you most comfortable in?
“I love wearing a Lenin Tee with a blue denim for a casual day wear. At night nothing can replace a pair of cool boxers.” 

5. You don't leave home without?
“My watch.” I never take it off…only while sleeping”

6.  Is there anything you can't stop shopping for?
“I love shopping for Tee shirts. I have around 100 tee shirts in my cupboard. Though I wear 8-10 actively and forget about the rest. But I have a good branded collection of Tee shirts” says Rahul little embarrassed disclosing his secret I guess.   

7.  Who is your fashion style Icon?
“I love Bollywood Badshaah SRK… He is always dressed according to the occasion. I simply love his style and the way he carries himself on and off screen. “

8. Dress code for a date night? 
“I think a pair of blue denims with a well-tailored white or black shirt is perfect for a date night. I love pairing my clothes with a well fitted blazer depending on the weather of course.”

Any fashion tip you want to give to your listeners...
“Don’t follow fashion blindly. Wear what you are confident and comfortable in. Every ones fashion is unique and that is what separates them from others."

So what do you guys think. Isn't he cute???...

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Prapti Bagga  

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