Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year 2014- In Style

 Looking to celebrate New Year In-style? Check the look of your favorite Bollywood stars and see if you want to go with something similar?

Do you really want to look like your favorite Celebrity? Here are a few of my tips that will help you -
  • Add sparkle to your outfit. Go with colors season's hottest colors like purple, wine, royal blue, dark pinks and yellow etc. Pair them with black tights, skirts or blouses.
  • Flaunt colors or just go with one color black. Black is always the safest bet when it comes to parties. A dash of color or bling with makeup and accessories can make you look perfect. Little khol and red lips can do wonders to your look
  • If it's an outdoor party, stick to long tunics with a chic kurti. You can also go in for sequin tights. A chic embroidered jacket over the tunic will be an add-on.
  • Black & white is always hot favorites. A polka dot saree or dress is all time in vogue. You can also opt for an ombre effect with matching lace to give a dramatic effect. A polka dot saree looks too sexy for any evening party.
  • Footwear high heel pumps in red are my favorite party wear footwear. For clubbing or outdoors opt for a more comfortable pair of shoes may be blingy flats.
  • Accessorize your outfit but don't overdo. You must add a single sparkle and color to your New years look. 
  • In the end Don't follow fashion blindly, opt for smething that is comfortable, stylish and suits your personality.

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Prapti Bagga Arora

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