Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful Green Bangles

Bangles are not just a piece of jewelry but are sign of matrimony. Woman of all ages love to wear bangles. Different styles and designs are available. Earlier it was worn with a specific belief but now a day's it is worn out of style. Women wear matching bangles with matching attires. Especially on festivals, events, weddings and parties women love to team up their attires with matching bangles and jewelry

A green colored bangle has its own significance for Asian women. It brings a sign of luck and married status.  Green color bangles signify a woman is married and is considered lucky.
Women wear green color bangles to show how happy they are in their married life.  They also believe it brings lucky charm for the husband.
These beautiful gold plated bangles are ideal gift for your beloved wife. The set has pretty designs having green color stones implanted to it. It is suitable for all occasions. Buy her these beautiful bangles and see charm on her face. The bangles are well suited with all Indian attires like sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga choli.

This is beautiful set of four bangles. It is exquisitely crafted with stones. They are gold plated bangles set and  decorated with intricate dark green color stones is ideal to gift to your lovely wife. Team up these bangle set with matching neck piece and clutch bag to add glam to your look this feative season.

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